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Are you a Ready Business?

You’ve seen how other organisations have harnessed technology to become Ready Businesses. Now it’s your turn

With our Ready Business Test, you can assess your whole business in just a few simple steps

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How do we calculate your Ready Business score?

Your overall readiness score is determined by assessing your business against three types of challenges

Readiness Score

Your Readiness Score is made up of 3 sections

1. Your business operations

By making the way your business operates more flexible, resilient and secure you can respond quickly to changing communication needs and market conditions ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

2. Your employees

By enabling your employees to work how, when and where they need to, whilst retaining control over costs and security, your business can be more productive, improve employee engagement and get to market faster.

3. Your customers

By giving your customers the freedom to interact with you in the ways they want you can build a stronger, more personal relationship.

Wondering where you need to focus? Complete the Ready Business survey to find out.

Start the Ready Business Test Now It takes less than 15 minutes

Who else is a Ready Business?

We've helped hundreds of businesses become more ready. Here are just a few...

KNUST is a Ready Business

Through our user friendly web-based Bulk SMS solution, we have given KNUST the tools and power to conveniently manage events and incidents on campus in a real time and in a more effectively manner

Kasapreko is a Ready Business

Kasapreko used our Wide Area Network to connect all their production plants across Africa seamlessly and have improved their factory visibility and transformed how they do business

Sekyere Rural Bank is a Ready Business

Keeping Sekyere Rural Bank’s sales team confidently connected to the office was key to their business model and with our SmartChoice Data plans, Sekyere Rural bank revolutionised Finance in the Ashanti Region

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